Welcome to the world of 3rd shift stocking!

Well, let me just say this, I have a lot to learn about stocking. I got the task of stocking Department #18, aka Christmas.
I was left 3 buggies full of returns from 2nd shift that they were too lazy to put up. I had another buggy of junk to put up,
and 7 pallets of freight, half of which wouldn’t go up on the shelves.

I started at 10:30, and was expected on my FIRST NIGHT to have it all put up, zoned, and merchandise pulled from the
risers to fill the shelves to fill the sidecounters and endcaps by 2:00 AM!

The fucking manager was crazier than hell!

And btw, I got done at 6:45 AM, and now have 12 minutes overtime to take off tonight. And I already know where I’ll be
tonight, Departments #17 and #21, aka Furniture. Hopefully I’ll do better tonight than last. Pray for me!

Welcome to the world of 3rd shift stocking!

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  1. Time to see how much I recall about the Wal-Mart way of working…

    You weren’t the only person stocking Xmas stuff, were you? Plus to drop stuff, don’t you need to have towmotor certification? (For all I know, you are certified to use a towmotor.) I’d also complain about the 2nd shifters that didn’t handle customer returns. That was one thing we always had to finish at Sam’s Club before we left (as 2nd shifters, that is). When I was on 3rd shift for 2 weeks, we had at least 3 people in an area, sometimes up to 5. I guess your mileage may vary from region to region or store to store…:-/

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