An Update! Finally!

Sorry I haven’t updated gang, just haven’t gotten around to it. But here we go…

I have been moved to a permanent department, and one that’s a challenge… Pet Supplies, Department #8.

I know, you all are gasping now, but I’m enjoying it! At least I knew what to do when I got there because I had worked it here and there before. And the dept. manager already likes me! So there you go! And, also, I’ve gotten register training, so I’m checking customers out up front only during a bad rush period. But still, I’m a helpful chap. Last night, I was walking by the front going to lunch, noticed that the CSM had a line backed up and she was alone, so I just asked her “got a bag? I’ll open up for you”, and she stuck me on 24 then and there, so that’s how willing I am to relieve the pressure of working in a place like that. And believe me, with the shopping season looming on the horizon this week, that talent of mine will be put to good use more often than not. But we’ll see. And as always, I’ll keep you posted.