Can’t think of a subject

This is one of the most difficult paragraphs I will ever write in my lifetime, but I feel that I must do so at this time.

At 6:55 PM on Christmas night, one of the most signifcant people in my life, my great-grandmother Dollie, passed away after a long illness. It was very quiet and peaceful, and we had a hard time dealing with it in our family. My mother was devastated, as she has been nothing but a mother to her all of her life (I am forbidden of going into the details of my mom and her mom’s relationship). This death affects me on a far more personal level, just as bad as what I had to endure last christmas when my father passed away. Few things ever affect me in this manor. I would say that I will never be the same now that two loved ones are no longer with me, but I can say that I will be the same because their memories are always passing through my mind. I just wanted everyone who reads my journal to know about these things that have been going on with my life over christmastime, and why people may realize now and in the years to come that I am not fond of the holiday season because of my bad memories. But, as I am so fond of saying, I try to make the best hapiness out of a bad situation, so I won’t let it get me down when we draw neigh to the date of 12/25/03.

To my friends, Happy New Year!