“Grocery Adventures”, starring Nicholas Mooneyhan!

Before I get into the acutal bulk of this story, I must explain something. For the past few months, I’ve been cashing all my paychecks at a couple of local Food City grocery stores in the city, or near the city. Every time I do this, I’m charged a $5.00 check fee. Now I was told that if I had my receipts for 4 of these, I could use them to buy $20 worth of groceries and have the fees refunded to me. I did this once already at the store just outside of the city, in Mount Carmel, and it went just fine.

This morning, I was pressed because I was low on cash and don’t get paid till Thursday, wondering how was going to eat until then. I got to searching and dug up 4 such receipts. So, I set off on a mission at 10:15 this morning to go take some movies back across town, and go get some groceries at the store in the city on N Eastman Road. I got my groceries, and got to the front, and HAD TO WAIT IN A LINE behind 3 people. They only had 2 lanes open the whole time I was there. When I finally checked out, I got this 30-something cashier that didn’t know what I had, and had to call a manager to ask what they were. The manager knew instantly what I was doing, thank goodness. So I got out of there, and noticed my watch said 10:50 and said “SHIT!”, I wanted to get back in time for TPiR. Oh well, I wasn’t going to kill myself to get back here quickly across town, considering I had to go through 14 traffic lights. So, my final stop was to go by the post office, which is on the corner of Revere St and Center St, about 5 blocks down from my apartment. I get there, and I have to fight for a place to park, get inside, and have to WAIT IN ANOTHER LINE! AAUGH!, I finally got back at 11:20, just in time for the first Showcase Showdown.

Well, at least I got home safely, I’ll say that. Another entry coming up later today with some reflection on another subject.