As many of you know, I wasn’t feeling too hot last weekend. I now wish to issue a reflection on this topic.

I rented a movie on Monday that I hadn’t seen for a number of years, and it woke me up to realize that maybe my life is not that bad. This movie is the controversial “The Basketball Diaries”. Before I go on, NO, I am not a Leo fan, I just thought the movie was good. Anyway, to sum up the movie briefly, it is the true story written by Jim Carroll about how he lost a good shot as a basketball player because of falling victim to drug addiciton, mainly heroin and cocaine. It shows how one person who was on top lost it all because of wanting to get a fix and get high.

What I drew from this is that I shouldn’t be quibbling over being noticed or having friends and should worry about what I do have, I do have my own place, and a job, and am not in any trouble.

I hope that I never get to such a low again, but I am glad to have all my friends that I do have. Thank you.


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