Work has been very blah lately, I was under so much stress last weekend it was unreal. I work with this woman who’s been there for 5 years in pets, and she is convinced that she knows EVERYTHING and has also railroaded the department manager into believing anything she says. IMHO, a stocker should not have such rapport with a department manager. I’m set to go to higher authorities should they try to come down on me repeatedly again.

In other matters, I do have a special someone now, but I would feel uncomfortable with discussing it online, so I’ll leave it at that. Let’s just say that I am very very pleased :-).

I am planning also to do 1 or 2 game show related projects here in the next days, one of them could take several years (some people already know about this and have barfed at the thought, but I will try it anyway).

And now the Tuesday 2 (a day late)

1. Is Valentine’s Day the single biggest joke of a holiday ever, especially for singles?

I despise this particular day, because I think that love is significant each and every day of the year, and shouldn’t just be focused on February 14th.

2. Keeping in mind the first question, what’s all the world needs now?

A fucking reality check! 😛