The Over-an-Hour Lunch, by Chef Mooneyhan

Last night, me and 3 friends decided to go out to the Waffle House (the only place open to eat out outside of the grocery side of Wal Mart at 3 AM) to have lunch. We arrive at around 3:05, and we DID NOT get served until 3:30! If that wasn’t bad enough, even though the place was pretty packed, they had only ONE waitress, so we had to coax the cook into taking our order. We made sure he got the tip. We ended up 13 minutes late getting back to Wal Mart. Talk about bad service! Oy vey!

And now… 2 days late, the Tuesday Two…

1. goldenbrahman just got on my case because the T2 isn’t up. What form of punishment shall he receive?
Since I know what hectic schedule that Klaussie has to endure day in and day out, it shall be that he shall cut down the mightiest tree in the forest….. wiiiithhhh……. a HERRING! (insert music here from Monty Python and the Holy Grail) 😛

2. If it involves feet, what are the odds on sport6449 sneaking a video camera into the proceedings?
I don’t know about Chuck, but there is a freaky poster on a newsgroup I lurk on called that is obsessed with certain actresses’ feet. Pretty freaky, no? That being said, I think he might do it, but a part of him might leave the camera at home.