Website Mayhem and Managers Still Suck

As some probably did or did not notice (more often than not the latter), I moved my website to the Charter server last week. One minor problem arose and slapped me in the face during my tired state watching Trivia Trap this morning. Most of my links were still configured for my old website address! So I had to go through and modify EVERY page on my website to the new directory mask. I was bitter and annoyed. But I remember that I’ve had to do this several times before, so I said… “Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes”, and swallowed my pride.

Meanwhile, I was by myself in Pets last night, and got 14 PALLETS OF FREIGHT! I freaked out completely. The assistant manager, whom I shall dub as “Idiot Boy”, didn’t realize my situation until midnight, I had done went through 6 pallets of bag food when Idiot Boy finally sent me some help… the gargantuan sweat-hogs from receiving. Then went through my pallets like madmen, only stopping to ask me where something went. After they left at 1 AM, I browsed for signs of them plugging (IOW, putting stuff in the wrong places), and found only 2 cases (which I went ahead and fixed). I was surprised. So, my night of work didn’t turn out bad….. until 7 AM, when I run over my time trying to get everything off the floor, and I get paged by another assistant manager whom I shall dub as “PMS Bitch”, you see, PMS Bitch says that my department is a MESS, and just tells me to get my mess off the floor before I leave. So, I didn’t clock out until 7:40 AM due to this, and I am VERY pissed off at this point. That damn woman WAS on PMS!

But oh well, I’ve got 2 days off, and am going to be with my guy tonight after some rest. Yippie!