Well folks, not much has been going on lately in my life. I made a major purchase off of EBay, a complete 80 tape set of the original “Star Trek” TV series. (Insert groans here). Yeah, I know what you’re saying, why would he spend $220 on THAT!? I can just tell you that I love the show that much.

Now to some opinions.

I could barely stomach about 20 minutes of the new Let’s Make a Deal. I just found it to be not the show it could have been, and Billy Bush… although I see some good qualities in him, I don’t think the type of person he is fits this type of show. I found the pilot on GSN to be much more entertaining.

About that pilot, I understand completely that it was just the first pilot, but we can see what the show would become from this “work in progress” version. Oh how much I wish we all could see the NBC days to see how the show grew and became the phenomenon it was.

Have to wrap this one up, the neighbors just rang my doorbell and invited me over to dinner… yay!

More to come…