Old Soap Opera Fetish

Here is an update, finally!

I have a fetish for an old gothic soap you’ve probably heard of, or probably not, called Dark Shadows. It centers around the supernatural and a vampire named Barnabas Collins, and a dark old mansion called Collinwood, located in Collinsport, Maine (50 miles from Bangor). It ran for 5 years in the afternoon on ABC (from June 27, 1966 until April 2, 1971), amassing a total of 1,225 episodes. I have fallen in love with this show again after picking up two DVD sets of episodes released by MPI Home Video, and plan to buy every set that they put out (40 episodes in sequence per set).

Also, I am starting on Monday morning trying to find me another job, I am getting sick and tired of Walley World riding my back over my job performance. A lot of the time lately, I’ve been coming home sore and miserable, and I even went to work sick the week before last, my allergies hit me full force.

I guess every greedy corporation in America shits on its workers like mine does to me and my coworkers.

What to do after the job search on Monday, probably sleep.

Some comments about last week’s PYL documentary on GSN, it sucked. Not only was I annoyed by that “Original 1984 Broadcast” bug, but the tone and the feel of the special was just all wrong. GSN just ripped off E!’s format for doing documentaries. Let’s hope they can just get The Price is Right back on the schedule soon and I will be satisfied. And while they’re at it, why don’t they just get the rest of the run of Press Your Luck, then all the Tomarkenites will stop whining (well, I complain about it sometimes myself, but I don’t resort to incessant whining).

But, that’s all for now, feel free to comment if you wish!

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  1. Okay…

    After reading this post, I can’t let it slide anymore….

    I hereby add you to my friends list because of 3 things we have in common:

    1) Our mutual love for game shows.
    2) Our mutual love for Dark Shadows.
    3) Bad experiences working for Wal-Mart.

    Welcome aboard!!

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