I can’t diagnose the feelings that are going through me right now. I feel like I’m being ignored, forgotten, thrown to the curb. I feel like I’m a used car, proverbially sold off at a moment’s notice, or traded in for another one.

My boyfriend is questioning where his heart is, and I really feel that he has his heart set on someone else. I’m getting screwed out of a good realtionship, and it’s not really anyone’s fault. Temptation has been knocking on my door lately, but I’m trying not to give in, I haven’t yet, and I don’t want to. But a point is coming up that I do not want to face, and that point is that I’m going to have to choose between remaining with my boyfriend and hope that his feelings are still set on me, or I’m going to have to move on and try to determine what to do with my love life from that point forward. It’s not an easy decision, it’s almost as tough as deciding which sexual orientation I was all those years ago when I was a frightened teenager.

God, please help me.