Thoughts about Democrats

People who know me will know that I don’t make many political comments. I feel that I must make one today.

I saw a report on Fox News Channel about democrats at a convention they were having today. It was reported that most of them made no reference at all to the war (save for 2 brightbills and Al Sharpton [egad]). Not only does this piss me off on this historic day, but it infuriates me. Such bastards these people are, all they must be really thinking about is fucking their interns, just like Clinton did. I think it was an awesome sight today seeing a statue being torn down in Baghdad, and all the dems can do is snarl their noses up at it, how pathetic can a politcal party get.

And oddly enough, at around 9:20, longshot1980 pointed out to me that Michael Reagan (yes, THAT Michael Reagan, former host of Lingo himself), apppeared on FNC and started an anti-liberal attitude. Is he a democrat too? No wonder Lingo failed miserably.

Blast me if you will, but I’m still neutral political-wise.

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  1. This is a reason I hate party lines. I’m pro-war but my thinking is split down the middle. Yet again, the dems put their foot in their mouth and look like dipshits.

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