The world is trying to screw me again, but NOT THIS TIME!

Last week (I think Thursday), I went to check the mail and found a letter from an insurance company. I opened it and what I saw was SHOCKING, to say the least.

Let me begin by saying that I was involved in a minor traffic accident last July, during a period which I was trying to get established with insurance after I moved to Tennessee. July 23rd, I was returning from a minor league baseball game, and was coming downhill. It was pouring rain. I had to go around a tight curve, and was going only 20mph. My brakes locked and I ended up resting on a black Chevrolet Cavalier’s front end. It didn’t do much damage except chip her bumper molding a little bit. We waited for the cops and went our separate ways.

The following week, I get a telephone call from a lady stating that I am at fault and to start paying at $50/payday until I get it paid off. She said that she would send me something in the mail immediately to give me information. I never heard anything again until this letter last week.

Last week, I got a letter stating damages I am liable for are $424. At the top of the letter, it clearly can be seen that the date August 26, 2002 is typed. This is crossed out and the date April 4, 2003 is handwritten above it in the same handwriting as the signature (name will not be disclosed because of possible pending legal matters).

THIS PISSES ME OFF! On advice of several individuals, I will be seeking legal counsel over this matter. I will not seek damages, but will seek to have this matter dismissed, because I don’t think it’s fair to just say nothing then slap this on me when I have no fucking job whatsoever.

The world knows how to put stuff over on everybody, eh?

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  1. I’m not a lawyer but I wonder if any statute of limitations expired. It’s been almost 8 months. That’s simply ridiculous. The crossed out date is quite suspicious.

    I’d definitely consult a lawyer. Methinks this person is trying to screw you over big time.

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