I shouldn’t have got so down the other night, as things have turned for the better again. I met a great guy last night at Newbies, the local club, his name will be known as Mr. X for now, he’s not out yet, and I promised not to tell anyone yet until he gives the OK. But he’s 19, about 6′ tall, 205, and very very cute. We talked for a while, then decided to go up on the dance floor, and all of a sudden we looked into each other’s eyes, and BAM!, I felt like I was floating on thin air. The feeling was indescribable. I’m going to meet up with him tonight to hang out, and I have a feeling this is the beginning of something very, very special.

I also will not be deleting my diatribe from the other night. It will remain here as a reminder to myself of how bad I was really feeling the other day. I wasn’t asking for sympathy, I just had to express myself some way, and that was the only option available to me at the time.

Love and blessings,
Nick 🙂