New Flame!

Sunday was a day I will never forget. I was sitting out on my front porch at my apartment when I looked over and saw this guy. He was very cute, but I thought, “Nah, he’s straight”. He was working on one of the neighbor’s cars trying to install an antenna, and he’s just cute as a button. I was definately convinced I was way out of his league. A few minutes later, he looked in my direction and waved and said “Howdy neighbor!”. I walked over to him and we introduced each other. We shall refer to him as Mr. Z, how cute :-). He told me about himself, then I found out that he was interested in me. Soon after that, I found out that I no longer needed to pursue the irritating Mr. X.

Speaking of Mr. X, he turned out to be very annoying. Being the nice guy that I am, he hung around a couple of days, but started trying to interfere between me and Mr. Z. Bascially it ended up that we had to tell him to drop dead and get lost. I hated this, but it was necessary.

Back to Mr. Z, he’s the sweetest person in the world. He’s getting my car ready to take a trip to Knoxville tomorrow with us and another couple and it’s going to be a great time. I am very much taking a liking of Mr. Z, he’s the greatest guy in the world.

Job’s going great too, I got some great props from the supervisors last week, and I’m starting into more training the next two weeks. I’m even gonna try to get Mr. Z a job here at the call center, wish him luck folks!

See you all later, mwah!


2 Replies to “New Flame!”

  1. Three points:

    One: Congradulations, Nick. From what you’ve said, it sounds like you’ve got a thing going on. 😉

    Two: If you ever find yourself on Magnolia Ave (and God help you if you do), feel free to stop by and say hi. I’ll be at work over at O’Reilly’s across from the McDonald’s there.

    Three: No trip to K-town is complete without stopping by Chandler’s Deli (also on Magnolia Ave). Their ribs, dare I say, are the best.

    1. Hey Josh

      Hey, didn’t see your message until this morning (Saturday) here at work. You can be assured however that I will definately take your suggestions the next time me and Mr. Z are in Knoxville. He absolutely loved it, btw, we’re already considering moving there sometime in the future, if at all possible. Thanks again!

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