The Return of the Jedi Wanna-be

Well, I’m finally back online here at home, through the courtesy of a Comcast modem. I was previously warned by my friend Dan that the speed of Comcast sucked, but I think it’s decent and compares to being on Charter before.

Now, to an update… my latest relationship turned out the be the worst yet. Turns out Mr. Z tried to use me just like my first ex, he even went so far as to try to steal my car, but let’s say he wasn’t entirely successful. I will put it on the record now that I am through with relationships for a while. A long while maybe.

My job is going far above expectations. The Home Depot card startup was hell on August 3rd, and the last two weeks have been hell (in which I worked almost 125 hours, plenty of OT [ch-ching!]), but it’s going great. I’ve been recommended for a special project by my supervisor and I get trained for new accounts next week, so I get to enjoy a full weeklong break from the phones.

Not much more to say except that it’s great to be back, see you guys online!

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