Gee, I don’t post often enough anymore

Well folks, here is an update on the world of Nick…

Got work today from my supervisor at work that he had looked at some quality scores of my calls, he said that everything is looking very good. I finished my new accounts training last week, and am wrapping up a week of sponsorship, then back to normal duty and hopefully a pay raise for doing a cross-skill other than my regular customer service (which is the new accounts), everything couldn’t be better.

Nothing doing in the relationship front, and hopefully it’ll stay that way. My car is acting up, it can’t make up it’s mind what gear it wants to be in anymore. I don’t think it’ll last much longer, so I’m seeing what I can do to find a better used car (like I can ever get a new car with my credit reputation). I’ll figure something out, hopefully.

I got 5 days of vacation coming up Oct 21-24 and the 27th (25th and 26th on the weekend). Hopefully I can get somewhere that I’ve never been before to visit someone special 🙂

Other than that, I’m having a healthy diet of 4 CD’s of Dark Shadows music, and getting ready to do the TPIR summaries starting next Monday.

That’s all for now…