I have been grappling with my personal and my physical appearance lately, concerned to the point where I need to take some action to get more positive into my life, and hopefully get a boyfriend!

I have had a infection in my leg since late Friday, and have been confined to be off my leg until next Monday, also on some Augmentin to kill the infection. At the doctor’s today, I weighed at 320 pounds! Ack! I have gained 55 pounds since 12/31 of last year. I would look into doing something about it, but, my car has decided to take a turn for the worse also, the transmission is about to go completely, it already has problems changing gears (I have an automatic). I don’t know where I’m gonna find another or get the money for it.

Let’s face it: I suck at managing money.

But, let’s face this, at least I’m alive! 🙂