A Promise….

A promise to you all, I promise to be more of netizen from now on… and (I know it’s week 8 and I didn’t start at the beginning of the season).. I’ve got a prognostication bug and need to make some picks myself for Week #8, so here it goes… (and I have been watching!)

(predicted winner in Italics)

NY Giants at Minnesota
Cleveland at New England (hey, they beat my Dolphins last week!)
Carolina at New Orleans (no contest)
Dallas at Tampa Bay
Tennessee at Jacksonville
Denver at Baltimore
Detroit at Chicago (this was a hard one to pick :-P)
Seattle at Cincinnati
St. Louis at Pittsburgh
San Francisco at Arizona (it won’t even be close)
Houston at Indianapolis
NY Jets at Philadelphia (yes, you read this right)
Buffalo at Kansas City
Miami at San Diego (you think my Dolphins are going to lose to the Chargers?)

I’ll definately be making prognostication a weekly habit, I’m too much enjoying this season not to do this…