Sunday Morning…. without Charles Kuralt

Well, I’ve been burning the midnight oil all night tonight, and I got a little curious as to “what the hell are all these old links in my IE folders”, and I found my old boarhost board back when I first opened my fragmented PYL episode guide. While that project did fall by the wayside (as did the CS and TTTT guides)… what I found on that board shocked me. Mind you, I already deleted the stuff that I found, but it seems to have been the playground of the same asswipe who has as his playground right now, or some copycat. Mind you, I couldn’t care less, but seeming as how I have this account, I might as well retool it and use it, so I’m going to rechristen it up under my main page. It probably won’t get used, but oh well, and we’ll see if it attracts attention of that filfth that calls himself a “netizen”.

Oh well, enough ranting for a Sunday morning.