I know this will sound like whining on my part, but it must be said.

I was over at the chatroom on this morning, and someone (who will not be named here) suggested that in the Lucky Seven game, that it was a “forced loss”. Fast foward a few seconds later, and I just submit my opinion and say “I do not think they can force a loss, that could be considered rigging the outcome”. Well, I didn’t think nothing of my comment, but then I was told two disturbing lines, again, names withheld, one basically said “I’m about the put nicholas on ignore”, and another said “You don’t understand what we’re talking about, so shush”.

Well, I don’t usually make these kinds of posts to any forum, be it journal, message board forum or chatroom, but I just wonder why these so called “fans” over on that board really do besides complain about a show. I am seriously considering never going there again, and I probably would be better off not going there again, no offense to the moderators, who have done nothing wrong whatsoever, but I just take issues with some of these so called “fans”, not on a personal basis, but just for a matter of respect for someone who has a dissenting opinion of what they think of a TV show.