I DO need to post more often again…

Sorry I haven’t posted often enough lately. But here goes the recent blotter…

Met a guy named Brandon who remembers me from my Hardee’s job three years ago, and he thinks I’m very cute, he’s coming over tonight to spend a couple days, yay! Also, called Walley Hell about the W-2’s from last year I desparately need, and wouldn’t you know they’re mailing them to me. I hope the USPS will forward them on to me here instead of return to sender. I will be majorly pissed if the latter happens.

Also, made a few new friends at work, if you’re reading this, you know who you are 😀

BTW, my opinon of guest announcer Daniel Rosen on Price is Right, what a joke, he’s lousy. I’m surprised he’s going to be back for another week of shows in February. Ugh!

Still hoping to get that car back soon, when that happens, I will be so relieved.

Ta ta for now… predictions coming tomorrow.