Saturday the 24th

Well, work has been going very good lately. I caught some fraud… hook, line and sinker yesterday, and there are some great co-workers on my team. One of them I wish to give a shoutout to is Tom, who is also lead singer of a locally popular band, Blind Sight. Weird thing was that I was watching the local cable access channel today, a local bowling match to be specific. And during the ad nauseum ads, they played a bit from their “Homemade Jam” series, and there was said band, and I must say they had a great sound. I’ll be sure to mention the sighting to Tom on Monday at work.

Watching the repeat of the Elijah Wood SNL from December ’03, the only bit I had seen the first time around was the high-pitched choir sketch, and that was surely hilarious. The whole bit with the sitcom “Hard Hobbit to Break” was hilarious!

Well, not much more to say, 6 days and counting to the car!