I woke up this morning and felt like complete shit. The cold air has been getting to me like something fierce. But I feel better now, and am ready to go back to work tomorrow. I can’t wait until Friday, the car is in grasp!

I got a chance to finish a major personal project today…

Some people know I love to do music projects, so I took my Star Wars (Special Edition) 2 CD set and recreated the sequencing of the original double album released in 1977, only in crystal clear clarity. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to the vinyl copy too, but it gave me something to accomplish to do this… 🙂

Info on the CD reissue of the original double album, for those that are unfamiliar with it, is at this link.

But, as I have finished this project, I do want to see the full realization of it, to be burnt onto a CD… and this presents a problem, I can forget doing anything like that on this eight-year old Packard Bell 100 mhz dinosaur.

So, I am calling on my LJ friends to possibly give me a hand here, if I can reimburse you for burning 2 CD’s, just like the CD reissue at the link mentioned above, and for postage, I would very much appreciate it! I will be encoding the rest of the files overnight to MP3, and will post them up to be downloaded to whomever wants to help out, or to whomever would like to hear them, I’ll post the link here. BTW, email to, hehe

Anyhoo, Friday, here I come!