Well, folks, just as I had thought, my cable is gone for now. It’s actually been gone for a week now… I’m here at my friend’s house typing this entry. So, I am going to be offline for at least the next two weeks, I hope that will be all, and hopefully I’ll be back online to wreak more havoc 🙂

Car is doing decent, I definately need to find another car better than this rust bucket I’m driving now, the dependability factor weighs heavily.

Work has me in for vacation the week of March 22nd. Whoot! I am already making plans on what to do… and don’t worry, I’m keeping it local and cheap 🙂

Guys, take care, see ya’ll soon, and watch out for exposed boobies on TV (as if you needed to hear about THAT again!)

Just remember WU on SNL: “Justin Timberlake claimed he did not know………it’s just like a member of the Jackson family to take advantage of a naive young boy”