What the !@#$ am I up to?

Well, folks, I’m still trying to overcome life’s inconsistencies, and I have a preliminary fix on when I may be back online… maybe in September or October now.

Oh, well, that doesn’t mean that my life isn’t totally depressing. I would post more often about my life, but I don’t want to get in trouble for surfing the internet at work. And since I’m not posting from work, I think that it’s way too paranoid there anyway about surfing the internet. But anyhoo…

The ol’ Mustang is about to give out, if it can last until the 13th, my mom will buy it off of me and I’ll take that money and get me a better car, hopefully a ‘9x model, something decent that is more dependable than what I’ve been driving.

My job is going great, still working hard handling people wanting more than $25,000 on their Home Depot card, trouble is that half the people who ask have pisspoor credit it’s a joke and a waist of my time. But at least it gives me something to do. (If I sound bitter, I am, it just has been stressful a little bit lately).

The relationship front seems to be taking a turn for the better, I met a guy through a mutual friend who works at a local library, he’s very handsome and very sweet, we’re going to go see “The Village” on Friday night.

Speaking of which, I have Fridays off permanently, and I’m going to go watch a lot of High School Football games, yeah, for the first time in almost three years I get to live Friday night fever! Woot!

So, that’s all there is, so I’ll wrap it up, let me know you’re alive out there, shoot me some replies! Ciao!

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