College Adventures, starring Nicholas Mooneyhan- Episode 1- “Admission to Nowhere”

So, me and Jordan go to ETSU this morning, and of course I find out that I need to get my high school and college transcripts. I call Mountain Empire Comm. College, and they tell me it’ll take three (3) business days, to which I say, I need this faxed out today or tomorrow, they said she’d tell them… but I’m probably going to have to call and bitch them out tomorrow anyway so oh well.

For my high school transcripts, turns out I have to make an emergency last minute trip to Jonesville, VA and visit the school board office to get my transcripts, turns out I can’t get the transcripts at the high school because it’s been longer than five years since I graduated (gee, that’s comforting, only reminds me of the fact that reunion is now less than three years away). And, I have to pay $2 to get the transcript in the first place. What fun, so I made it back into Johnson City at about 3:15, and have more running around to do, so I got clearance to be an hour late to work (4:30).

And there is so much left to do still… tomorrow the financial aid war begins, and brother, it don’t look like it’s going to be fun. Mike, you may still be correct, but I have to try to get in under the last possible moment. If not, Spring is fine. But I’d rather start now.

Regarding my job, I’ll hopefully work it out to where I can stay full time, and if I can move into housing, I will have no bills other than my car, car insurance and my cell. That’s it. And with me staying full time, I can save a shitload of money in no time at all, to get ready for a rainy day, when and if it ever happens.

We’ll see how it goes.

Wish me luck kiddos! 😀

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  1. Heh

    I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late to do something great (hey, I’m a poet whaddya know) … Financial aid is a battle for EVERYONE. They have messed up the accounts of everyone I know and mine of course. Things seem to be straightened out now, at least with mine. I can’t say the same for everyone. Good things happen to good people Nick. And you are a good person. Don’t give up yet.

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