College Adventures- Episode 2- “Uncanny Patience Required”

Ok, so I went to ETSU yesterday, and after hours and hours of running around getting transcripts and filling out forms, I found out I got in too late. I had to change myself to Spring ’05 instead of Fall ’04. No bother, it’s probably better for myself in retrospect to be put on hold until spring. First, I’ll have an orientation December 7th, to which I get to learn my way around and find out about stuff, that will help for sure. It also gives me time to get everything prepared properly for moving onto campus. I think it’ll be good in the end.

Went to the Daniel Boone/Volunteer football game last night, DB having lost each of the last two years by shutouts both times…


Read this for more info

What can I say, all in all an exciting day, even though it started out to be irritating, but got better, at least in my opinion.

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  1. Darn. I had a hunch you couldn’t get in till 2005. 🙁 This does give you plenty of time to build up some cash and to organize your schedule and life properly. Getting in for Fall would’ve likely thrown a monkey wrench into your life.

    Better late than never, Nick. Like I previously mentioned, taking two 4 credit hour courses during the summer for two years equals a semester’s worth of classes. That’ll bring you back on track quite easily.

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