College Adventures Part 3- “Math? Who Needs Math?”

So, I had to take a placement test today called the Compass test. And naturally, I only have to take the math portion of this test. And brother, being out of high school for 7 years did not do me justice, I have totally forgotten everything Algebra and Trigonometry related. Guess I could use some brush-up classes, which looks like where I’m headed.

I got my financial award letter, and got only $200 on a Pell Grant. Not surprising considering I’m going in for Spring. Did get a full $1750 subsidized Stafford loan. I have already submitted an application for an unsubsidized Stafford loan to cover the difference of costs.

Everything is looking good. On the computer front, once I get replenished with cash from lack of having to pay bills… I’m considering a EMachine (nudge nudge Klaussie), or a laptop. I’m more inclined to go with a laptop for the portability factor, and the fact that I can stop using paper scorecards at baseball games if I go that route. We’ll see how it goes.

On the other hand, attended another TV taping last Monday of same said show from before… threw out a couple of good questions about Casey Stengel prior to the Yankee regime only having one winning season, and Chuck Howley of Dallas being the only player to win Super Bowl MVP and be on the losing end (reference “Blunder Bowl V”).

Also, I have begun a research project for personal reasons into the history of the football team, locally, that I have been rooting for, the Daniel Boone Trailblazers, going all the way back to 1971. Only have made it to 1983 so far, still a ways to go.

So, I guess that’ll wrap it up for now, lots going on… I’ll try to update more often.

Edit: And by the way, the Red Sox are amazing! Go Boston, defeat whoever the next opponent may be!

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  1. Just say no to eMachines. Get a low-level Dell or HP for the same price. A laptop would be good, especially if the university has a wireless network, like the kick ass wireless network here at CSU. Over the last year, I’ve seen a lot of people connecting wirelessly here, with both their own laptops and CSU loaners. (CSU has a service called Mobile Campus, where students can borrow a laptop for up to six hours at a time. I haven’t borrowed a laptop through Mobile Campus yet, but a friend of mine did, and the laptops used are damn sweet, a laptop PC but with a tablet screen.)

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