What’s Going On? (and no, this is not that terrible 1954 ABC game show)

Hey kids, here’s the latest in my boring life…

Turned in my housing deposit ($150) and my orientation fee ($15) today. Last Thursday applied for the unsubsidized Stafford Loan. I went to the financial aid office to see when I would get a response back on said loan, and this ditsy, I mean REALLY ditsy girl says…

“So, like, you should get, like, something in about 2….. to 3 weeks.”

…If you can get the idea of how that sounds in a text translation, you will understand why I attach no validity to the answer I got. But, I’m sure something will come in the mail soon.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to get into shape, desperately. It’s not even funny anymore, I feel terrible, I don’t sleep good some nights (not all nights, but some), and I just think I need to do it or I’ll die before I turn 30.

Anyhoo, I hinted at my landlord that I’m probably moving out in the first part of January. I’m glad I said that, because he had a lease for me to sign.

Anyhoo again, gotta go, friends waiting on me to go do shit or something. 🙂