College Update, and Misc.

Well, I got a master promissory note in the mail when I got home late last night, only after having gone to the financial aid office that day and asking where it was, and was given a number to call my lender and ask for one… so I guess I’m having a useless promissory note sent now, since I went online just now and electronically signed said MPN that I just received.

At least the loans are guaranteed to me now 🙂

Dan sold me his old computer for $50, and it’s going to do some good… just gotta get back online. However, I am still going to get a laptop, just because I always wanted one. My friend John from Danville said he has a friend that can sell me one for at the least $350, and he always has them in supply. Sounds like a good idea, he told me the quality of his products is top-notch.

BTW, David Livingston- if you’re reading this- please respond to the email I sent you.

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