Sunday Thoughts

NFL comment: now that the St. Louis Rams got embarassed yet again in Buffalo today, I don’t want to hear what Mike Martz will say next… I’m sure it’ll probably lead off on PTI tomorrow… well, maybe be a headline story, after the Detroit and South Carolina/Clemson incidents. I’m so glad I have a :15 break at 5:30 to catch the Headlines and Five Good Minutes portions of PTI. (And it’s your fault, yes yours, Mr. Klauss, for me getting insanely addicted to this show :-D)

Anyhoo, I checked my user statistics here on Livejournal, and not only have I been posting more not than often for a little over two years now, but this is post #99 of my journal. Some people do have significantly higher post totals, which is a good thing. Guess that means I don’t have that much to say in a journal sometimes, just when I have severe thoughts or minor emotional trauma. But, you know, looking back over the last two years of happenings in this journal, I’m glad I have had this to record some of the thoughts, issue and utter crap I’ve had to deal with since November of 2002. For those of you who don’t remember, read back around March and April of 2003, one of the most trying times of my life, and you’ll see what I turned out to be a better person (at least in my opinion) considering what happened in all aspects of my life at that time.

So, I’ll think of something witty for my next historic post, #100. Until then, keep smiling 🙂