Post #100

Well, here we are, the historic 100th post of “The Trivia Trap” journal.

I decided on a new look for my journal, hope it dosen’t blind you 😀

A stressful day at work (as usual) which has become relaxing and slow in the later hours (as usual).

Trying to figure out how to take a faulty DVD-ROM drive out of the Dell I got and get my CD Rom from my old computer into the tower. I can only get one side panel off, the other side panel does not want to seem to even budge.

Also, I can’t get Windows to see my old hard disk as a slave drive, and I DO NOT want to reformat the damn thing and lose all my data. A friend says all I need is a external hard drive casing/enclosure, and that might work. One question, will I be able to use that to save my old data? We shall see…

Burnt a CD at the Johnson City Library today, that rocked, I got some of the stuff that has surfaced over at the Invision board burnt to CD. I forgotten how much I loved the Supermarket Sweep ’92 theme, but want to have the ’90 theme even more.

Not much to reflect on looking back on those spaced-out 100 posts, all I have to say is, here’s to many, many more!

Thanks to everyone for reading. 🙂


BTW, the icon was provided many moons ago by Mr. Mike Klauss (I hope you’ll like hearing that when you start teaching, hehe), thanks Mike.

EDIT: I did give Mark the code to get his LJ started, and it was Klaussie who got me started- my mistake 😛

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