Pre-Turkey Day Thoughts

Well, my mom has decided to cook tomorrow, we’re having dinner at 2:00 PM. The situation with my mom is just as bad as it always have been. She’s quit what seems like the hundreth nursing job she’s ever had in the last 10 years because she let someone else or her stress dicatate how she lives. She always has a bad habit of mooching off of me for money… but not this time. 1) I don’t have it, 2) I wouldn’t give it to her. I love my mother, but if she’s going to keep a bad husband who’s a loudmouth redneck and is very very rude, then I’m not going to respect her for “just wanting to have someone” in him, it’s wrong and it’s ridiculous. I can always cite my last boyfriend. I learned my lesson very quickly and came back to reality.

Anyhoo, I don’t want to dampen your spirits. I wish everyone out here and everyone related to them a very Happy Thanksgiving.