Post-Thansgiving Wrapup

I had a great turkey day, had dinner with my family around 3:00, saw some British Weakest Link and of course “The Peyton Manning Show” in full swing. Marino can say bye-bye to that record for TD passes in a season.

Friday I was able to get my CD rom to work in the Dell, woot! Still can’t revive the hard drive, the enclosure seems to be the only way to go.

Today (Saturday) here at work is completely boring. But at least I have the NFL to look forward to tomorrow.

Also, I am planning to go visit a good friend, John C., in Danville, VA– yeah, it’s a long drive along I-81/I-77/US 58, but I love to go new places, and he’s a cool guy, so it’ll be fun. He’s even promised to get some new pictures of me, so hopefully I can get rid of that old picture of me that is almost 5 years old! (Has it been that long? Geez, I need to shitcan that picture fast!)