Sleep, Need Slee.. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz…..

Here are the last two days of my life:

Monday: 3:30-12:00 Midnight- Work. Uneventful.

12:10 Get Home, get a call from my friend John in Danville, VA. Plan to go there this Friday to hang out with him for the first time in person after two years of talking as friends over the phone.

Around 2-ish: Spiral Macaroni and Cheese for dinner after ending phone conversation. Great dinner.

Next Few Hours: Watch Several episodes of Price from the summer of 1983, the cross-promotions of Phone Home Game snipped out by GSN, but still fun to watch. Holly fell off a children’s Victorian furniture display as it was being wheeled out during the showcase on one show. I think a clip of that is on… check it out.

6-ish: Local News time, realized I had been up all night. Since I was flat broke and am one of the last few people left who get a paper check, I decided to wait up until 8:00 to get paid and take care of business.

7:30- decide to go to Citi and wait in the break room until I was able to get my check, catch the last few minutes of the ESPN25 top 25 Plays, naming #1 Kirk Gibson’s home run in Game 1 of the ’88 Series. Good choice for the last 25 years that is…

8:05- Got my paycheck, proceed to go the bank down the street. Now keep in mind, my car is on flat empty and I think I might have run out at any moment. I find out the bank dosen’t open until 9:00. Meh. So, I go up the road to that new Food City that opened up, as I know they cashed paychecks. The amount of the check was $6xx dollars, (and you must add that to the price of the prize to total $3000 to $350…. wait! This isn’t the Blank Check game!, another leftover from last night, hehe).

So, they tell me, “Sir, we can’t cash checks over $500”. So, I am furious at this point, and go back to my car, kick a tire, get in and go back to the bank, sit and wait until 9:00.

As an aside here: I got a letter in the mail yesterday showing my disbursements for my subsidized Stafford loan. I looked and said, “Where the @#%@ is my unsubsidized loan!?!?”, so, I called up Citibank’s 800 number, and asked if they ever processed an application, they said they never received any information. That did it, that smarmy financial aid office full of wonderful idiots did it again! I went down there in a fairly decent mood, inquired, and said that they would clear it up within a week. Great, and what will happen next in that week. I have a feeling it’s not over yet.

Back to today…

9:05- Check Cashed. Go to ETSU, above in last paragraph happened. Filled up my car a $1.76/gallon for Regular beforehand, it took $32.25 to fill up my gas tank… geez!!!!!!! Gas IS FRIGGIN EXPENSIVE!

10-ish: Went to Johnson City Mall. Nothing there. Boring.

12-ish: Went to Best Buy. Nothing there. Boring.

1:00, came home, went to bed for the first time in 26 hours. Yes, that’s right kids, 26 hours.

2:40, woke up, almost fell out of the bed. Got dressed, came into work.

Now, I finish this up at 4:56, and it’s one of the most blah feelings ever.
I’ll be OK. Feh.

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  1. 10-ish: Went to Johnson City Mall. Nothing there. Boring.
    Unless something has changed since 1990 (and I highly doubt that), the mall has ALWAYS been boring.

    (( This would be the point where I say hello, and explain why I’m making this seemingly random comment. I’m Eric, I used to live in Johnson City (spent birth to age twelve, there), and was searching journals of people in Johnson City to track down old friends. You came up, and the broadcasting thing intrigued me. I looked, I saw this entry, I saw the comment on the mall, I had to make a snarky comment about it, and there we go. Hello.)

  2. $1.76/gal for gas isn’t too bad. Over in some areas in my area in South Jersey, gas is at least $2.05/gal. That same area had prices as high as $2.29/gal at some times. (And from what I heard, even THAT was a comparible price to those in the West Coast.)

    Right now, I get gas at the new Super Wawa. $1.68/gal. (I miss the days when I could get gas for my Nissan for $1.01/gal.)

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