Post-Mortem of the Sleep Deprived Fool

Well, here is the rest of my day of tiredness…

Got of at midnight, decide I need groceries. So I go to Wal-Fart Supercenter #599 in Kingsport and go in, do my shopping, and leave as quickly as possible. While in the checkout line, I noticed that they had a bin of $1.00 (yes, that’s right, $1.00) DVDs. I picked up two of them. The first is “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”, which was a Movie of the Week for ABC (first broadcast 11/12/1976 according to IMDB), and “The Jackie Robinson Story” (of course, being a baseball fan :-).

First of all, I didn’t know anything with Aaron Spelling’s name on it (albeit his production company at the time), would let such a cheapie company put this out. The film quality was awful, as expected. It probably compared to when it first aired, but at least the sound is crisp. I only have gotten to see the first twenty minutes of it however.

The other film was released in 1950, and I have not seen it yet, what I read about it is very vintage. I see that MGM has released it on DVD… so I wonder if someone is just coming across old film prints and putting them out, much like the public domain cartoon collections you see (even with an occasional title that is NOT in the public domain).

Interesting… so, got home at 2:00, talked to John about Friday’s plans, and went to bed about 3:20. Slept like a baby for 9 hours. Today is back to normal, just as boring as ever. 🙂

Bought a new pair of jeans from K-Mart today, the only people that dare stock a size 50 in the major retail sector. Gotta find a new pair of shoes tomorrow, my current right shoe is ripping at the seams.

BTW, my take on Mr. Jennings on J!– he went at the best time, he was a good champion. I still think Thom McKee is the better champion in the likeability factor however, I just plain enjoyed seeing him on TTD for all the episodes I’ve seen of his run, he was the most enjoyable and laid back of all great champions, unlike Ken, who just seems to outdo everyone and purposefully (in my opinion, and on his own perogative) took a fall, and Michael Larsen, who was just plain wacko to know those board patterns on PYL (and still amazes me to this day). Disagree if you will, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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  1. Hi I hope you don’t mind but I added you to my friends list. I am new to livejournal and to Johnson city and I was just looking for some gay men to make friends with. I did a search for gay and your name popped up. Saw you were local and added you. Thanks.


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