Saturday, Saturday

My trip to Danville was AWESOME yesterday. Me and John had a great time hanging out, drove around Danville, saw some of the new roads in the area, had a excellent lunch, and just shot the shit for the longest time. The way back was interesting, because I took a route I had never even considered, until then.

I decided to go full circle in the way home. Going there, I went up I-81 through Virginia to I-77, went Southbound on I-77, then eastbound for roughly 120 miles on US 58 until I arrived in Danville.

On the way out, I decided to pay a visit to North Carolina. So, I went down US 29 to Greensboro, then got on Green 85 (a business loop route), and then took I-40 westward. At Winston-Salem, I took Green 40, and ladies and gentleman, I finally clinched (or completely driven) a Interstate route! I feel accomplished. After that, took I-40 back through Asheville, and came back up I-26 to home. Total mileage: 605 miles. Wow, what a trip, and I had a blast the whole time.

Also, John took some new photos of me because I needed some, considering my last picture is almost five years old. They turned out good (except for one goofy looking one, which will remain concealed). I’ll try to get them posted soon.

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