Thoughts, Many Many Thoughts

This is Friends-only.

Why must I have someone constantly bitching about me for no reason at all. I had to delete a tasteless and tactless comment from my last post a little while ago… here is what it said…

“Just a few things I don’t understand.

I have never been anything but nice to you.

I helped you get into school, loaned you money so you could do so,
went with you to Virginia and even (although it didn’t work out)
tried to help you find a boyfriend.

You repay me by avoiding my phone calls, ditching my emails, deleting
me from your live journal AND telling our mutual friends that my
girlfriend and I live “like animals?”

Not only that but you tell Daniel that hanging out with him is better
than spending time with me and tell me that hanging out with
and I was better than spending time with Daniel?

This is the thanks I get for being such a loyal and decent friend? I
stood beside you when everyone made fun of you … even told
that he should make ammends with you when you were fighting.

The thanks I get is avoidance and gossip? Well if that’s the case,
then fuck you Nick Mooneyhan!”

Well, I may be in the wrong slightly, but you know, my comments stand. Hanging around this lesbian couple made me not want to hang around them, and I have a fucking right to choose who I hang around with. I done nothing since that, and I have been harassed since then by her and her girlfriend. Nothing warranting criminal charges or anything of the such, but still it bothers me. I have been receiving anonymous phone calls right after I get off work for the past two weeks, and it’s nothing on the other end but some noise, a heavy breath and then the call goes dead. I’m fucking worried, scared and mad. I paid back any debts I owed to her. She’s just upset because she was supposed to move in with me over holiday break, which I don’t think the landlord would have allowed anyway. Add to this the fact that her girlfriend called me twice and pseudo-threatened me with an alternate persona. Moreso the reason I needed to ditch these “friends”.

Anyway, said friend used to be a friend on my livejournal list. I banned her. She posts the above under anonymous. Now I’m having to screen comments to friends only. Man this sucks.

I know I did wrong, but what she’s doing is even moreso wrong. I stand by my decisions, they need to fucking grow up, get a life, and leave me the fuck alone!

‘Nuff said.