Operation: Orientation

Well, Orientation went off without a hitch… I hope.

Met with an advisor, and it was his first time doing advising in only his second semester at the university. Oh geez . But, he tried, give him an E for effort. He couldn’t seem to get into any of the systems… but, no bother. I still was able to register on the system.

Here is what my Sched looks like…

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Public Speaking (Speech requirement) 9:20-10:15 AM
Survey of Broadcating 10:20-11:20 AM
English 1020- Critical Thinking/Argumentation 12:35-1:30 PM

Tuesday, Thursday

Introduction to Theater (Humanities requirement) 9:45-11:05 AM
Elementary Algebra (Developmental requirement, ugh) 11:15-12:35 PM

Well, I found out the results of that bombed skills test, I am taking Elementary Algebra… but high-level math will once again knock on my door, as I need a lot of it to fill out my BS requirements, so pray for me folks.

I started out in the kitty with $3837.50, tuition totaled $1676, fees $363.50, leaving $1798.00… and now I’m scared that my housing may not be covered. How am I going to get books???? Am I going to have to go in-pocket for housing so I don’t get purged on 1/14??? I’m worried again…