Weekend Update

Well, not much has gone on this week. Talked to Financial Aid yet again yesterday on discovering the possiblity that, if I go ahead with a 15 credit hour schedule I would run short on being able to pay the housing costs. I said, “Can I get a Perkins loan?”, to which they said “We’ll have to see if there are any funds left and we will let you know in about 7-10 days.” Great. More waiting. Just what I need.

Well, there are three options here…

A) Stick the 15 hours out and hope for the loan
B) If I don’t get the loan, drop down to 9 hours (dropping two classes)
C) Drop to 9 hours anyway even if I do get the loan

Maybe I should do option C, because think of it this way, I haven’t been in class of any kind in almost four years. I need to ease back into it. And as my friend John puts it, maybe I should take an extra loan if I can get it to have a little extra in the kitty, just in case.

In other news… (god, this does sound like a newscast), I have started talking to a guy that has been interested in me for a while… who lives in Atlanta. I know what you’re thinking, another long distance possibility? But this guy has been seeking me out, and he sounds very interesting. We share some common ground, and he loves my voice. Take it from a aspiring broacaster that one loves complements to their voice.

As I always say, “We’ll see what happens.”(TM)