Will the Entry Generate Comments?

In true Chuck G style, Saturday night I done what has not been done in almost four years. I got pounded, waisted, smashed, trashed, whatever you want to call it… I call it stress relief. It felt pretty good.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and I’ll say this… I’m not going to do this all the time, just occassionally when I feel I need to have fun in the safe confines of my own residence/apartment.

On the other hand… I am doing a rare tape trade with Ryan G., whom I got a wealth of GSN-aired 1983 material from before, and I’m getting some good stuff from him now, like the premiere of “Balance Game” and “On the Nose”, two of the more interesting anomalies in Price history, and an episode from 1990 with the Home Viewer Showcase called “Summer Fun”. I didn’t realize they did those things up until THAT recently. Oh well.

Nothing else to report this week, just getting ready for my three days off this weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), and waiting to hear something from the housing department at ETSU regarding my room assignment, but I probably won’t get anything until after the holiday.