Well, the end of yet another year is upon us my friends. I know you all out there love reading my endless banter of my life, but that’s what makes each of us a unique and interesting person.

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone here in LiveJournal-land a very Merry Christmas, and I hope you get to spend it with anyone special that you may have. I’ll be by myself, but that’s OK. The family knows I love them anyway, and we’re all miserable and broke (hee hee, what’s new).

In other news… what kind of athlete does Michael Vick think he is? 10 years? $100 million? $37 million in incentives? Geezus, don’t get me started yet again on the way professional athletes get paid. So what if he can run, Fran Tarkenton literally ran his whole career (yeah, I know, from sideline to sideline instead of forward), but still, how can so much hype and expectation go into someone who literally carries a team to a division championship and possibly at least into the second or third round of the playoffs (I don’t see them getting to the Super Bowl, sorry Falcon fans…)

I’m sure this is just the X-Mas present that HE wanted…

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  1. IMHO, Vick is worth about half whatever Peyton Manning gets…and Manning surely isn’t getting $200M, $75M of which is a bonus. Vick can run at times (it’s not like he’s running for 1000 yards this season), but so did John Elway, Tarkenton (as you mentioned), Randall Cunningham, and Steve Young. Unlike Vick, the latter 4 mentioned could throw well and at least 2 have multiple Super Bowl rings. Cunningham might; was he a backup on the Ravens team that won the Super Bowl?

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