2004- Year in Review

This will probably be my last entry for 2004, so, I shall do some brief reflection.

This year has been quite a year. Most of the year I have been off the internet for the most part, but still have kept in touch for the most part with everyone, a big plus. I also have stayed true to my word of not lowering my standards for a relationship, a major plus for me. I am not as financially secure as I would like to be, but I am already taking steps to make sure that is a goal that will be achieved in 2005. I have lost a couple of friends along the way, but I was sure it was the right thing to do. In the new year, I will be careful on whom I call “friend” rather than “acquaintance”.

It’s been an interesting year on the job front, and it has come to the end of being very dissatisfied with my job, but I have to make do with it, because it pays the bills.

The most significant thing to happen in the last year is of course getting the ability to go back to college, I am so excited to be entering one of the most significant times of my life, and have complete confidence that this will help to get me (finally) into something that until now I’ve only dreamed of doing… well, it’s not a dream anymore. 🙂

So, I bid thee farewell 2004, and here’s to a great 2005! Happy New Year to all in LJ land!

and I’ll try not to get too drunk.