Moving Moving Moving

Well, about 80% of my stuff is in mini-storage by now. Just have some books and the kitchen items left to go, and that will be it.

ETSU screwed up, cutting one of my loans in half. Going there tomorrow to complain and wonder why. Also have to try and get my books, as it stands, I only have actual aid left of around $190 becuase one of my loans ($970) does not disburse until early March. I just want to say “cripes!”

An observation: have you ever noticed that when you move in somewhere, the unpacking process takes no time at all, and you go through your stuff rather quickly… but when you pack to move, the amount of stuff you have seems to double? Unreal, I say. But, alas, just an observation.

BTW, I can’t wait for Friday folks, I’ll be back online and have cable again.

PS: Chuck, I’m hooked on 24 again too (haven’t really watched since Season One), made sure to set my tape for Hours 3 and 4 tonight.