The Weekend Before the Storm

Folks, I truly hated work today. Nothing but challenges afoot. Now I’m home, and couldn’t be happier. I just got reminded of how much I hate my job today, and am so glad I’m not trying to make a career out of working in a credit card call center.

Now watching a true Saturday Night Live classic, with Eric Idle as host (aired 4/23/1977). The whole monologue gag of “Save Great Britian” is classic, as well as David Frost’s 20 hour interview of Richard Nixon (played by Dan Aykroyd). Good stuff.

I’ll be around online tomorrow watching the rest of the NFL Divisional Playoffs, fun fun, and just for the record, I think that Indy and Philly will win. (But this won’t count towards my old records, which I plan to be back in the picking game next season).