Last Pre-Class Thoughts

Well, class starts tomorrow. Work was a bitch today. I hope that I can balance between the two… and not let work be the greater of the two. If it ends up being that way, I will go to part-time. Mark my words. 😀

I am very pumped about starting class tomorrow, it’s what I’ve been waiting for, and what’s out there is mine for the taking. I know I’ll do well, but I’m not overly confident or having an inflated opinion of myself by any stretch of the imagination.

And Mike, btw, I’ll let you know if I need some help with that Algebra (ha ha ha!!!!)

One Reply to “Last Pre-Class Thoughts”

  1. Regular algebra, linear algebra, or abstract algebra? 😛

    I know which one it is. If you have difficulty with algebra, you sure as heck aren’t gonna touch the latter 2 topics.

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