Time to Update

Well, lots to say… my other three classes are interesting.

Public Speaking will be fun, the teacher is originally from Sweden, went to college here, and yes, he does speak very good English. It’ll be a great class.

Survey of Broadcasting is an interesting class too, more to come on that in a minute…

English 1020: Critical Thinking and Argumentation… This will be a doozy, but not a pain. Just your standard issues class, major research paper, blah blah blah, you college folk have heard this before.

Now, back to the Survey class, one requirement besides classtime is that, get this, I get to DJ on the campus radio station for two hours a week. The downside, is that the only place you can hear this station is on the campus closed-circuit cable system. Blah. It’s been told to me that the broadcasting department can’t get the approval of funding to actually put this station out on the air. But, at least it’s a start! Hey, xanfan, any tips before I go on-air? 😀

Work royally sucks now. Found out people are talking behind my back yet again. I choose to ignore it at this stage. I don’t need anyone’s opinions standing in my way, and they won’t. That’s the extent of how much I’ll think about that. Did get commended by my supervisor for taking care of schedule exceptions for him without him asking me to do so over the weekend. So at least if I can keep my superiors happy, that’s all I have to worry about.