Lights Out!

I awoke this morning at around 9:45-ish, and found that the power was out! Turns out that someone wrecked a car on Cherokee Road (behind campus) and took out a power generator, knocking out power in this part of the city. It flickered on and off, and I smartly cut off my surge protector to my computer, not wanting it to be damaged. Everything was fine when I got home though, which is good, because housing would not loved to have had me complaining and being a bitch all hours of the night. 😀

One stipulation of doing this campus radio bit is that we all have to have DJ names… and I came up with one fairly quickly. In honor of my first attempt at being in public address for the Daniel Boone Trailblazers… I will be known as “DJ Blazer”. It’s not original, I know, but it’ll do for now. At least I’m fairly confident that I won’t be copied. 😀

In English 1020, we are having a discussion as an assignment on the campus blackboard about the Dobson/Spongebob controversy… here is a LJ-cut with my thoughts…

I think that the idea presented by Mr. Dobson “and friends” is very ludicrous. Sometimes we tend to see hidden meanings in certain programs, compositions, and ideas that are not hidden and are not even there. Such is the case here with the Spongebob deal. I think that Focus on the Family is overstepping bounds way too far in making these claims. All the creators are trying to do is make children and young adults understand the importance of acceptance of one another which is a very good moral lesson in this day and age of smut and violence constantly being exposed via the mass media.

So, not much more to say, good night! 😀