So, I happened to start talking to a fellow broadcasting major here at ETSU named Greg, turns out he found me through the Invision board (which most of you on my friends list are familiar with). He came over and hung out yesterday. And let me tell you… we had a blast! Watched lots of Price is Right. He loves the music just as much as I do. He’s also saving me bucks by letting me borrow his Survey of Broadcasting book. Savings of about $50, booyeah!

Finally got all my other books, and I have three papers due in ENG 1020 next Monday. They’re only about a page each, double spaced, so they shouldn’t be that hard to do. One of them is an issue proposal for the topic I’ll be eventually doing. I haven’t quite decided what to go with yet, but I will in the next couple of days and hash out the stuff on Friday.

My first DJ shift is this Friday from 10:00 PM to Midnight, and since it comes over cable, I plan to videotape those two hours and take some audio samples of my on-air work so you guys here can partake in listening to them 😛 , just don’t tell the station managment about it, hehe 😀

Off to bed I go, toodles.